In 1932, my father, Joseph M. Goodwin, Sr. started Goodwin Chevrolet Company in Brunswick. At that time the dealership was situated on Maine Street at the current Tontine Mall location. The dealership was operated by Joe until 1960, at which time I took over.

Goodwin Chevrolet company moved to outer Pleasant Street in Brunswick in 1975. The dealership grew and thrived there and in 1988, I purchased Bates and Cunningham Volvo in Topsham. In 1993, I acquired the Mazda franchise which was paired with Volvo. Eventually, Mazda was moved across the river to Goodwin Chevrolet, where it remains today.

In the mid-1990s, my two older children Kate and Rob joined the family business, making Goodwin Motor Group one of the rare American third generation companies.

In 1995, the Land Rover Scarborough dealership opened and yet another adventure began.

In 2000, Land Rover Bedford was completed in Bedford, New Hampshire. And in 2001, the family purchased Viking Motors in Oxford, Maine. The most recent addition to the family business has been the Jaguar franchise, which is paired with Land Rover in Bedford.

My family is dedicated to and thankful for its loyal customers and employees. We hope to enjoy running our businesses successfully and being a part of the community into our fourth generation.