While test-driving a variety of models and ultimately finding the perfect Chevy model for your lifestyle is an exciting step in the car-shopping process, you're not quite ready to get the keys. That's because you have to decide whether buying or leasing the Chevrolet model you love is best for you. Our Chevrolet dealership can help you determine which financial solution fits your driving preferences and budget to ensure you leave with a payment plan you feel comfortable with.

There are quite a few differences between auto leases and loans, and it's likely that one will be better suited to your situation over the other. Buying a vehicle often has more up-front costs, but you can customize your ride and drive for as many miles as you'd like. Meanwhile, leasing is a great option for people who like to upgrade their set of wheels to the latest and greatest model every few years. Check out more buying vs. leasing information, then visit Goodwin Chevrolet Oxford!

You should buy a Chevrolet if…
  • You want to drive the same car for more than three years.
  • You don't want to be held to annual mileage restrictions.
  • You plan to add accessories to your car, truck or SUV for a custom look.
  • You can afford the down payment, registration, taxes and other fees.

You should lease a Chevy if…
  • You're confident you will stay within your allotted mileage set out in the lease.
  • You love driving the newest and most advanced Chevrolet models. Choosing to lease makes it easy to trade up to the latest cars.
  • You would rather lower monthly payments compared to an auto loan.